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Irkutsk Window Vintage

Being specific on windows, I have so much to tell you and to show you.


Irkutsk, August 1st 21014

I told you, I love windows.

And Irkutsk knows me that well. See? Just for one structure, Irkutsk hung different kinds of windows.

This one is even more interesting. Look! The window on most right is very modern. No window panels, single framed, made of non-wood material. Second window from the right, panels remain, made of combined wood and non wood, multi-framed but no little window sash. Third from the right, like previous one but keeps the authentic little window sash style. Forth from the right, that's vintage. Did the owner intended to draw a window timeline? Aha.

When I talked about Listvyanka the city, about Circum Baikal the tour, I mentioned about the little window sash -- or shutter, I don't know exactly what's the correct term. And now I have been mentioning that again. In case you are still wondering, here's a collage of several of the kind which I encountered in Irkutsk. Do you get me?

Poor and rotten, but...

... but pay attention to the windowsill.

Being old and wrinkled doesn't mean not to wear jewelry, right? So is it with windows. Flowers are not only for the young.

Bonsai? Or sort of?

These are the most common window bar pattern I see all over not just Irkutsk, but other parts of Siberia until Mongolia! I wonder what is it meant to represent? Sunshine? Well, being just a few days in a country where even summer can cost frostbites though very light on my fingers, I understand very well how dear sunshine is. If it doesn't appear in the sky, at least it appears on the window.

"Do you know how long the roof will hold?"

I just want to tell you, I love this curtain. Oh yeah, the window is also interesting, because the frame is modern, but the panels are kept. When the panels are shut, the outside would look hundred percent a vintage, I suppose.

I bet the interior here must be direct opposite to rustic. Don't you think so? Look at the window screen, of course. And then look at the opening direction.

Do you see the hinges on this window panel? What's the purpose of them? Are they meant to fold the window panel? It doesn't seem possible to me, because there are those four horizontal wood bars whilst judging by the position of the hinges, it's folding outwards. What confirms more is the silver plate on bottom left panel. It's screwed across the panel joints. So definitely this panel window cannot be folded. Then are the hinges meant to keep the bar of woods intact?

This is one is the saddest. Peeping through, it looks like a godown.

Have you realized that many of the windows in this open air museum has two layers of sashes? One that swings inwards, and another that swings outwards.

My love for windows doesn't end in Irkutsk, I promise.

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