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September 2014

Epilogue of the Second

May the world see more of the Russia I have seen more.

That's the course I have taken on this second trip in Russia. And by this time, I have actually completed the Trans Mongolian Railroad journey up to Beijing. My journey in Monglia I might update on my blog about A Thread of Silk. However, I cannot promise that. I have kind of pushed myself to finish writing about my experiences in Russia, because I owe it to the people of Russia who have been so kind to me. This is my token of gratitude.

True it is that Russia is not heaven where everyone, everything, works as smooth as silk and flawless. I have found Russia just another place on earth which is chilly even in summer, freezing for sure in winter, warmhearted all year round. I have found Russia in complete opposite to what people who haven't traveled Russia say. Therefore, through the experiences I have shared on this blog, may the world see more of the Russia I have seen more.

May everyone see even more this winter. Amen.

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